Индикаторы ClusterDelta для Metatrader 4/5 - получайте данные по объемам и сделкам из мировых бирж как на момент текущего времени, так и исторические данные
Important note: ClusterDelta is a an analytical software. We do not offer any brokerage or services other than technical support of our software. The software package is intended solely for visual analysis and does not have trading functionality. To work with the product, you must read and accept the "Risk disclosure" and "Terms and Conditions" before registering, otherwise you must refuse to use the software.

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Indicators Integration

Indicators may be installed on the next trading terminals (for Windows):

Step-by-step guide to installing indicators

ClusterDelta Indicators can work with MetaTrader 4 under Mac OS. For the indicators to work, it is necessary to install MetaTrader 4 for Windows using the PlayOnMac utility.

Instructions for installing MetaTrader 4 under Mac OS

ClusterDelta Online platform

ClusterDelta Online is a platform that displays order flow charts in real time:

ClusterDelta Online
  • Order flow chart (modes: volumes, delta, volume x delta, ask x bid)
  • Volume filters (visual colored volume size schemes, filter on the volume size)
  • Volume Profile as additional feature
  • Two alternate servers for data streaming
  • Real time data stream
  • Built in indicators of the volumes, delta, cumulate delta

Download ClusterDelta Online


Subscription allows you to access data in real time

1 MONTH 7.50 $
The subscription allows you to get data for all indicators and platform during 1 month
4 MONTHS 25$ / 4 months
Special offer for the subscription for 4 months with a discount ~20%
1 YEAR 64.00 $
Special offer for the subscription for 1 year with a discount ~30%.

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