Просмотр полной версии : Фьючерсы (на английском языке)

  1. Profiting from clean energy (Asplund R.)
  2. Cotton trading manual (Baffes J.)
  3. Commodities for every portfolio (Balarie E.)
  4. Trading S&P, Nasdaq 100 & E-mini Futures (Borsellino L.)
  5. Commodities for dummies (Bouchentouf A.)
  6. Derivatives demystified a step-by-step guide to forwards, futures, swaps and options - fly (Chisholm A.)
  7. Introduction to derivative financial instruments (Chorafas D. )
  8. Commodity Traders Almonac (Commodity)
  9. Energy Trading & Investing (Davis W. Edwards)
  10. Derivative instruments - a guide to theory and practice (Eales B.)
  11. The logical trader (Fisher M.)
  12. Risk management in commodity markets (Geman H.)
  13. Getting started in commodities (George A.)
  14. Exchange traded funds (Hehn E.)
  15. Weather derivative valuation (Jewson S.)
  16. Hot commodities (Jim Rogers)
  17. The four biggest mistakes in futures trading (Kaeppel J.)
  18. The four biggest mistakes in options trading (Kaeppel J. )
  19. Derivatives markets (McDonald)
  20. About Futures and Options (NFA)
  21. The Secret Science of Price and Volume (Ord T.)
  22. Handbook of primary commodities in the global economy (Radetzki M.)
  23. Day trading futures. The manual (Robinson M. )
  24. Trading spreads and seasonals (Ross J. )
  25. Rubinstein on derivatives (Rubinstein M. )
  26. All about futures (Russell Wasendorf)
  27. Commodity modeling and pricing (Schaeffer P.V.)
  28. Commodity derivatives (Schofield N.)
  29. Futures spread trading (Smith C.)
  30. Markets market logic (Steidlmayer P.)
  31. Winning with futures (Thomsett M.)
  32. Day Trading S&P Index (Ullrich A.)
  33. Derivatives markets, valuation, and risk management (Whaley R.E.)
  34. The complete guide to futures trading (Wiley J.)
  35. The mathematics of financial derivatives (Wilmott, Howison, Dewynne)
  36. Commodities and commodity derivatives (Geman H. )